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It’s that time of year again.  Price Digests analysts are working diligently on our highly-anticipated annual awards.  Price Digests Highest Retained Value Awards give you a look into the future, calculating expected retained values for commercial trucks in classes three through eight.

The awards are unique not only because they are data-driven, but also because they open a window five years into the future.  Using Price Digests proprietary algorithms, depreciation schedules and other data powered by the Truck Blue Book, our analysts predict which trucks will give you a great return on investment, just one piece of available information that will help you make smarter long-term decisions about your truck fleet.

These are awards are completely independent and unbiased, with no sponsorship or commercial fees attached. This is why they are trusted by truck buyers, Fleet Managers and owners, Dealers, Insurance and Finance companies.

The winning manufacturers in nine categories will be announced, along with the Equipment Watch Highest Retained Value and Lowest Cost of Ownership Awards, at the World of Concrete 2021 show June 8-10 in Las Vegas.

So hang tight! The most prestigious and data-driven awards in the commercial truck sector are weeks away!

You can check out past winners here.

Simon Ferguson

Simon Ferguson
President, Asset Intelligence
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