Values API

API delivery of up-to-date market values and pricing data for the widest range of asset types, anywhere.

	"modelId": 120120,
	"modelName": "CL120",
	"modelAliases": null,
	"manufacturerId": 1734,
	"manufacturerName": "Freightliner",
	"manufacturerAliases": null,
	"classificationId": 2,
	"classificationName": "Commercial Trucks",
	"categoryId": 8,
	"categoryName": "Heavy Duty Trucks",
	"subtypeId": 199,
	"subtypeName": "Conventional Day Cab Tractor",
	"sizeClassId": 509,
	"sizeClassName": "8",
	"sizeClassMin": 33001,
	"sizeClassMax": 99999,
	"sizeClassUom": "lbs",
	"modelYear": "2017",
	"configurationId": "1031599",
	"revisionDate": "2017-02-01T00:00:00.000Z",
	"unadjustedFinance": 100100,
	"unadjustedWholesale": 111164,
	"unadjustedRetail": 133450,
	"unadjustedTradeIn": 113432,
	"unadjustedLow": 0,
	"unadjustedHigh": 0,
	"MSRP": 132030,
	"adjustedFinance": 100100,
	"adjustedWholesale": 111164,
	"adjustedRetail": 133450,
	"adjustedTradeIn": 113432,
	"adjustedLow": null,
	"adjustedHigh": null

Values API

The Values API provides access to current and trended, market-driven Retail, Finance, Wholesale, and Trade-In Values for vehicle models and configurations. Customize asset valuation by adjusting for condition, mileage/usage, options & extras, and location.

Asset Type Coverage:

  • Commercial Trucks (Truck Blue Book)
  • Commercial Trailers (Commercial Trailer Blue Book)
  • Truck Bodies (Truck Blue Book)
  • Passenger Vehicles (Automobile Red Book)
  • Boats (ABOS Marine Blue Book)
  • Powersport (Motorcycles, ATV’s, Golf Car and Utility Vehicles)
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Agricultural Tractors

Endpoints, Values API:

– GET Values
– GET Value Trending
– GET Option Families
– GET Options

Ideal for:

– Integrating values into finance and insurance applications
– Portfolio Analysis – Large scale fleet / inventory valuation
– State/local government vehicle value assessments