Price Digests: Powering data-driven decisions in 2024 and beyond

With millions of assets, configurations, and datapoints for commercial trucks, trailers, cars, RVs, powersport, boats, and grounds maintenance equipment, Price Digests maintains the most comprehensive vehicle database in the industry. We deliver data + intelligence, paving roads to faster and better decisions with perfect-fit data delivery, whether it’s seamlessly integrated APIs, online subscriptions or custom data delivery.

Price Digests data and intelligence solutions provide ways for insurance companies, lenders, state governments and others to make accurate data-driven underwriting, lending, and valuation decisions, improving profitability and credibility in notoriously difficult sectors.

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Ready for Your Insurtech, Fintech, and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Price Digests has grown to become a technology leader, integrating data directly into a variety of insurtech, fintech and government solutions. Our data can be integrated into ERP and CRM solutions, government, and business systems, and is available through third party platforms.

Price Digests’ RESTful API solution written in JSON is built on top of the industry’s leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, allowing for full security compliance.

Established 1911 and trusted for more than 100 years

We have a great history! Established in 1911 as National Market Reports by a group of Chicago area car dealers, we’ve grown to one of the most comprehensive providers of vehicle, vessel, and equipment data in North America.

Since that original Chicago area report, the company has expanded to include commercial trucks & trailers, powersports, boats, RVs and more. In 1988, National Market Reports, which eventually became Price Digests, introduced the world’s first VIN-driven database delivered electronically.

In 2002 the brand changed its name to Price Digests to better reflect our focus on delivering data electronically, and we now provide data & analysis to top insurance and finance companies, fleet operations, government agencies and individuals.

In December 2021, Price Digests was acquired by Randall Reilly.

A history of innovation: The books powering today’s data

The print books are gone, but the data that made them so famous still powers our brand and our customers. Here’s a look at some of the books that are so important to us today.

  • ABOS Marine Blue Book®
  • Powersport Blue Book®
  • The Older Car Red Book
  • The Automobile Red Book™
  • The Van Conversion Blue Book
  • The Truck Blue Book Lease Guide
  • The Truck Blue Book®
  • The Truck Body Blue Book
  • The Commercial Trailer Blue Book®
  • The Grounds Maintenance Equipment Blue Book
  • The Recreational Vehicle Blue Book®
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