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Since 1912, Price Digests has
been the leading valuation tool.
Industry-best VIN decoding
for commercial truck and auto.
Critical specs, such as
GVW and MSRP, are available.

Data Delivery Methods



Batch Processing

Web Subscription

Single Lookup

Available in Multiple Data Delivery Formats


Our APIs provide vehicle values and specs directly into our customers’ applications.

Currently available in JSON format, our VIN-decoding APIs come with critical taxonomy and data attributes.


Databases, also known as flat files, are available for internal system integration, such as ERPs and CRMs.

Ideal for customers looking for internal use and maximum data control.

Batch Processing

Batch Processing allows for bulk data translation and attribution.

Need 5,000 VINs decoded and aren’t able to complete an API integration? Batch Processing is your ideal solution.

Web Access

Not ready for data integration? Looking for a quick tool to pull data on one asset? Try our web access solutions, below.

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