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Front cover of 3 way to improve commercial auto underwriting efficiency

3 Ways to Improve Commercial Auto Underwriting Efficiency

Download “3 Ways to Improve Commercial Auto Underwriting Efficiency,” and discover solutions to key operational issues in the commercial auto lines of business.

Truck Market Report White Paper cover image

Shifting Truck Values: How a Volatile Market Impacts Trucking & Truck Values

Download this whitepaper to learn how outside influences like fuel prices, fleet sizes, driver count changes and consumer spending affect the commercial truck market.

Data and Insurtech White Paper cover image

Data and Insurtech: Fueling the Journey to Artificial Intelligence

Download this whitepaper to learn how accurate data is an essential foundation in any digital transformation. With examples in commercial vehicle insurance.

APIs White Paper cover image

APIs the New Game Changer for Commercial Auto Carriers

Download “APIs: The New Game Changer for Commercial Auto Carriers” whitepaper and discover how API integration can lead to low margins of error and higher quality data output.

Reducing Auto Risk White Paper cover thumb

Reducing Commercial Auto Risk Exposure

Download this whitepaper and learn how to reduce the of insuring commercial trucks using accurate data and automation.

Hype Vs Fundamentals white paper front cover

Hype Vs. Fundamentals: Account for Commercial Trucks’ Rapid Price Increases

Download this whitepaper and discover details behind the 2021 rapid increase in commercial truck values.


TruckBody IQ™ for Insurance

Reduce the risk of underinsuring commercial trucks with Price Digests’ exclusive TruckBody IQ™ Intelligence Solution for Insurance Carriers. TBIQ helps you capture and insure full vehicle value, straight from your policy admin system.

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The Big Picture: What Drove Shifting Trucking Values Over the Last 12 Months?

We’ve seen a lot of volatility in commercial truck prices over the last year. As we’ve noted in previous blogs, supply chain challenges and high demand have been key drivers for higher prices and market volatility. But there’s more to the story. The commercial trucking market was influenced by many factors, from fuel pricing to [...]

The 2022 Highest Retained Value Awards

Price Digests is excited to announce the winners of our fourth annual Highest Retained Value Awards (HRVAs). Each year, we use Truck Blue Book values and calculations to recognize the commercial trucks expected to retain the highest percentage of their original value over the next five years. This year, we’re presenting the awards to 2022 [...]

How Price Digests’ Retained Value Data Gives Insurers a Hidden Advantage

For three years, Price Digests has held the annual Highest Retained Value Awards (HRVAs). The HRVAs recognize the commercial truck models projected to retain the highest percentage of their original value during the next five years. Truck buyers see the HRVAs as a valuable resource to inform their buying decisions. But Price Digests’ retained value [...]