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Front cover of 3 way to improve commercial auto underwriting efficiency

3 Ways to Improve Commercial Auto Underwriting Efficiency

Download “3 Ways to Improve Commercial Auto Underwriting Efficiency,” and discover solutions to key operational issues in the commercial auto lines of business.

Hype Vs Fundamentals white paper front cover

Hype Vs. Fundamentals: Account for Commercial Trucks’ Rapid Price Increases

Download the ‘Hype Vs. Fundamentals: Account for Commercial Trucks’ Rapid Price Increases’ whitepaper and discover why there has been a rapid increase in commercial trucks’ price.

API's the new game changes front cover

APIs the New Game Changer for Commercial Auto Carriers

Download “APIs: The New Game Changer for Commercial Auto Carriers” whitepaper and discover how API integration can lead to low margins of error and higher quality data output.

Front cover of the Truckbody IQ Whitepaper

TruckBody IQ™ White paper

Download the Truckbody IQ whitepaper and learn how to reduce risk from underinsuring commercial trucks when you implement the Price Digests’ TruckBody IQ™ solution. 

Front cover of APIs what are they and why do we need them white paper

APIs – What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?

Download the ‘APIs – What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?’ whitepaper and learn how you can use APIs to transform the way your business interacts with each other to provide value to your customers.


TruckBody IQ™ for Insurance

Reduce the risk of underinsuring commercial trucks with Price Digests’ exclusive TruckBody IQ™ Intelligence Solution for Insurance Carriers. TBIQ helps you capture and insure full vehicle value, straight from your policy admin system.

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Predicting Upfit and Why It Matters

When Price Digests conducts reviews of insurance carrier books, there is often one metric that surprises the carrier most: just how many incomplete commercial trucks they are insuring. In some cases, it has been over 65% of the trucks insured by the insurance carrier. Often, this designation—and the implications it has—are not fully understood by [...]

Availability up, pricing down for Freightliner’s most popular commercial trucks

With the impacts of slower new production on the used market, Price Digests analysts have seen pricing and activity fluctuations across the used truck market throughout the summer. Despite lower supply for the high demands across each industry, Daimler’s Q2 report showed 91% increases in their truck and bus sales over Q2 of 2020 with [...]

Boat Values Buoyed by Strong Demand, Low Inventory

COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc on Boat Inventories Boat inventories have been quite low so far in 2021, making the purchasing process difficult to navigate. Thanks to production shutdowns in early 2020 and supply-chain headaches in 2021, paired with booming consumer enthusiasm for outdoor activities, boat manufacturers have been unable to keep up with orders and there [...]