Specifications API

API access to the industry’s most comprehensive database of rich vehicle specifications.

"specs": [{
       	"specName": "gcw",
    	"specValue": "80000",
    	"specNameFriendly": "Gross Combined Weight",
    	"specUom": "Pounds",
    	"specDescription": "Gross Combined Weight rating (for tractors) ",
    	"specFamily": "Weights & Dimensions"
    	"specName": "gvw",
    	"specValue": "52000",
    	"specNameFriendly": "Gross Vehicle Weight",
    	"specUom": "Pounds",
    	"specDescription": "Gross Vehicle Weight rating ",
    	"specFamily": "Weights & Dimensions"
    	"specName": "msrp",
    	"specValue": "132030",
    	"specNameFriendly": "MSRP",
    	"specUom": "Dollars",
 	"specDescription": "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. First price of model 
    	"specFamily": "Value

Specs API

The Specs API offers developers programmatic access to rich specifications for more than 281k on-highway and off-highway vehicle models. Output is parsed and organized into spec families, including VIN descriptors, MSRP (cost new), model description, trim packages, weights & dimensions, engine, drivetrain, axles, brakes, and more.

Asset Type Coverage:

  • Commercial Trucks (Truck Blue Book)
  • Commercial Trailers (Commercial Trailer Blue Book)
  • Truck Bodies (Truck Blue Book)
  • Passenger Vehicles (Automobile Red Book)
  • Boats (ABOS Marine Blue Book)
  • Powersport (Motorcycles, ATV’s, Golf Car and Utility Vehicles)
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Agricultural Tractors

Endpoints, Specs API:

– GET Specs

Ideal for:

– Standardizing model data for analytics / portfolio analysis
– Enriching model attributes in marketplaces and applications