No one does boat & marine data better than Price Digests

The latest specs and values, including new 2023 models

Boats, boat trailers, personal watercraft including jet skis & waverunners, and outboard motors.  Our platform has values and specs for them all. Get the data you need with perfect-fit data delivery: API integration, online subscription or custom data.

Price Digests is the home of The ABOS Marine Blue Book® with complete boat values, personal watercraft values, and more.

No one does marine data better than Price Digests

The latest specs and values, including new 2023 models

Boats, boat trailers, personal watercraft and outboard motors our platform has them all. Get perfect-fit data delivery with API integration, online subscription or custom data delivery.

The ABOS Marine Blue Book is now Price Digests.

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Price Digests Offers Best in Industry Marine Coverage

Marine Values

The most experienced valuation services, including MSRP, Retail, High and Low. This is a culmination of over 60 years of marine valuation expertise.

Marine Specs

Marine data specifications, like Use Year, Make, Model and Submodel for identification to deliver marine data.

Most Comprehensive Boat Values and Specs for Process Efficiency and Workflow Optimization

Process Efficiency

  • Asset types from 1976 to present
  • Inboard and outboard motors, sailboats and personal watercrafts
  • High-Speed APIs

Standardize Your Book of Business

  • Industry-standard taxonomy across all asset types
  • 3rd party integrations ​
  • Coverage for all marine classes
  • Ever-growing database of vessels, engines and marine trailers

Best-in-Class API Solutions

  • Price Digests’ RESTful API solution written in JSON is built on top of the industry’s leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, allowing for full security compliance​
  • Scalable, single source solution
  • Our proprietary four-level taxonomy provides unique insights on market factors such as overproduction, asset popularity and utilization

Marine Data Solutions for Leading Industries

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ABOS Marine Blue Book Online

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These are single license offerings. For customers seeking a valuation and verification of just one vehicle, boat, or piece of equipment we offer our Single Vehicle Search. Know what your asset is worth before you buy or sell!

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