Introduction to Boats (ABOS Marine Blue Book)

Since 1949, the ABOS Marine Blue Book has been the most comprehensive and complete resource providing the broadest range of detailed specifications and boat pricing information. Content includes 1976 to current model year inboard powered boats, stern drive powered boats, outboard powered boats, sailboats, pontoon boats, houseboats, personal watercraft, outboard motors and boat trailers. The user-friendly software can add or subtract engines and a trailer on packaged boats, along with making option and condition adjustments for accurate valuations. Updated Quarterly on 3/1, 6/1, 9/1 and 12/1


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Starting a Search

To search for a boat from the Price Digests application home page, first click or tap on the Boats icon. It will turn green when selected.

Once the appropriate asset type is selected, the search for a boat can begin.

Please note that though VIN Verification is shown, it is unavailable for boat searching

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Make/Model/Year Search

The Make/Model/Year search works with at least one of the four fields completed. For example, to find a 2017 Chaparral Boats 210 Suncoast, one could enter any combination of the manufacturer name, the model year, or the model name. Alternatively, if those are unknown, the category search allows for a combination search. It is possible to search for all 2016 Stern-IO, or to see results for all Sea Ray Boats produced in 2014.


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Specifications provide a helpful way to compare any asset with the correct configuration in the Price Digests database. Manufacturer publications are the main source of specification data. Though a manufacturer may typically offer many different options on any given model, the standard specifications on the most basic model is shown on each configuration.

Specifications are an easy way to find the configuration that matches an asset. After searching for an asset using the Make, Model, Year search on the home page, the following search screen appears:

In this example, two configurations match this Make, Model, Year search. Confirm that the correct asset was returned and select that result. The following page will appear:

The specifications displayed here are called display specs. These are shown to help accurately select the configuration that matches the asset. Once the correct configuration is selected by clicking on the row of display specs, the following page will appear:

This is the configuration page for the specific asset that was searched. At the top of the page you will see the displayed specs that were selected on the previous screen. To see a full list of specifications for this configuration, select the “View full list” button.

The full list of Specifications for a configuration is called the rich specs and is shown when this button is selected. These are intended to give a more precise look at the standard specs applied to the most basic model of an asset. To go back to the display specs, simply select the “Hide full list” button.

For questions on the definition of these specification names, a complete list of specification definitions can be found here: Price Digests Dictionary

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Price Digests allows users to build Boat valuations from a base unadjusted boat and add on outboard engines, trailers, options, and adjustments as needed.

Unadjusted values are displayed by default for every base configuration.

Base configuration options are also available. Right below the rich specs, all available options and extras are listed. Checking any of these options will add them to your boat valuation.

If the boat has a custom option, it can be added in the Options section.

The custom option feature allows for the addition of options or equipment to be added to the agricultural tractor that may not have come standard. Upon selecting this button, please name the option that is being added along with its MSRP, Retail, High, and Low Values. These values must be determined by the user as each option depreciates in value at its own rate. Once the custom option is filled out, please select the “Add” button.

The custom option will appear as its own line item called “User Defined Optional Equipment”. Values that were determined by the user are added to the overall total value of the asset. Please note, that if a value is omitted in this process, the total value will effectively add zero to that column.

To make any edits or remove the item, hover over the item name in the option section and select “(edit)” when it appears.

The custom option window will come back up which includes the ability to save or delete the custom option.

The values page allows for the deduction of an outboard motor when already included. After clicking on the +/- Engine or Trailer button at the top of the page, select deduct on the drop-down menu, and a screen will appear to choose the motor that needs to be removed.

Choose the engine currently listed on the boat.

You may select the number of engines to remove along with the water and condition adjustment you would like to apply to the motors. You do not need to apply any adjustments if they are not applicable. Simply hit Done.

The values will be adjusted to reflect the boat without the selected motor. To remove this deduction, click on the x next to the motor and it will be deleted from the valuation.

The values page also allows for the addition of outboard motors and boat trailers to a boat valuation. At the top of the page, use the same +/- Engine or Trailer button and select “add” from the drop-down menu.

Clicking that will bring up an engine/trailer selection wizard that will help filter the available options.

Once a trailer configuration is selected, any conditions adjustments can be applied. If no condition adjustments are applicable, simply click Done.

Below is the walk through for adding an engine.

Once an engine configuration is selected, there is a tab available to set adjustments such as the number of engines to add, saltwater/ freshwater adjustment, or condition adjustments. If no adjustments are applicable, simply select Done.

If the boat has an Inboard Engine and it was upgraded at the time of purchase, this will affect the value of the boat overall. To incorporate this engine upgrade, there is a Values Adjustment called “Upgrade Engine” that can add the values of this engine.

Select the number of engines on the boat and the horsepower of these engines. The appropriate calculation will be applied to the value of the boat

All changes and updates to the base boat configuration are recorded at the bottom of the page. From this area, it’s possible to change the Revision Date of the valuation, as well as Download a copy of the valuation.

Revision Dates are discrete dates on which values were updated. If, for example, a valuation is needed as of January 1st, 2018, click on the drop-down date menu, select a date, and values will update accordingly.

Price Digests also provides a value trend line at the bottom of the screen which displays the last six value revisions of the boat. For boats, this will show the last 12 months of valuations.

For more information on how to download a valuation and/or save a valuation to your inventory, check out our product guide on Saving & Exporting Your Valuation.

After all engines, trailers, and Value Adjustments are available to further refine and enhance the valuation.

These adjustments allow for adding premiums or discounts to the value, modifying currency, adding taxes, and condition adjustments. All changes will be reflected in the values table in real time.








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