Saving & Exporting Your Valuation

Our Saved Models feature is a great way to save individual valuations or groups of valuations you may need to reference again in the future. All configurations across every classification can be saved in our Saved Valuations feature and can be grouped for your convenience using our Fleets feature. The following guide will show how a truck asset is saved to the Saved Models, but it is applicable across all classifications in Price Digests.

How to Save a Model to Inventory

To save a model to inventory, first search the specific configuration that matches the asset and arrive at the Valuations Page for that configuration. Once you have made all the adjustments and additions to your asset you’d like, find the “+ Save to Inventory” button just above the graph in the values section of the page.

Selecting this button brings up a pop up screen that allows the asset to be saved with a specific name, notes, stock number, gross vehicle weight, or wheel base for this asset. The only mandatory field is the name of this valuation. Once the various fields are filled, hit save at the bottom of the page.

A notification will appear at the top of the screen if your asset was saved successfully. The “+ Save to Inventory” button will also disappear.

To view this asset in the Inventory, scroll to the top of the page and select “Inventory” under the drop down in the logged in icon at the top right of the page:

Once in the Inventory, all various assets that have been saved can be found under the “Saved Valuations” tab.

It may be necessary to make edits to the assets in Saved Valuations. It is possible to make edits to these valuations from this screen. Simply select the valuation that needs to be edited.

This will show the Valuation Page of that asset. Make any necessary changes to the valuation on this page. All changes save automatically upon navigating away from this page. To return to the Inventory, select the logged in icon at the top right of the page and navigate back to the Inventory.


How to Save Valuations to a Fleet

After saving various valuations, it may be helpful to group these valuations to mimic the fleets owned in real life or potential projects involving these valuations. To save a Valuation to a fleet, select the valuation(s) desired for that fleet. Each column of the Saved Valuations is sortable to allow for effective searching as the number of saved valuations grow. There is also the ability to filter through the list for a specific Label/ID.

Once a valuation is selected, hit the actions bar in the top left. This will give the option to either add that saved valuation to a fleet or to delete the valuation.

If there is a reason to remove a valuation from the Inventory, select that valuation’s check box, select “delete” in the Actions drop down menu, then hit apply. This will delete the valuation from the Inventory.

If the valuation should be added to a fleet, select that valuation’s check box, select “Add to Fleet” in the Actions drop down menu, then hit the “Apply” button.

Upon hitting the “Apply” button, a pop up screen will appear. Here there will be a choice to add this valuation to an existing fleet or to add it to a new Fleet. To add it to an existing fleet, select the fleet you would like to add the valuation to, then hit the “Add to selected Fleet” button. To add it to a new fleet, select the text “Click here” as it creates a new Fleet.

A new pop up will appear asking for the name of the fleet, a location for the fleet, and any notes about this fleet. The only required field is the name of the fleet. Once these fields have been filled sufficiently, select the “Add to new Fleet” button.

The newly created fleet will appear in the “Fleets” Tab. Each column is sortable to allow for easy searching between fleets as well as a filter in the right corner to search for specific fleet names. You may delete fleets by selecting a fleet and selecting “delete” from the actions dropdown then hitting the “Apply” button. To view a fleet, select the fleet’s name which will navigate to the list of valuations saved to that fleet.

The valuations that have been saved to this fleet will be found in here. Changes can be made to the location, name, or notes associated with this fleet by selecting “Edit Fleet” in the top right. This page also contains sortable columns as well as the ability to filter through the valuation names as is the case on each previous screen. Changes to this specific valuation can be made by clicking into the valuation and editing it as outlined in the previous section.


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