Price Digests Adds MSRP Values for Additional Equipment

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Effective January 9, 2019 the following Price Digests Web App product updates are live:


For the government users that require MSRP values for the additional vehicle equipment in order to accurately assess property values, additional MSRP data points are now provided in the asset valuation section.

Previously, the MSRP values for the additional asset equipment were not available. The old-style valuation output is shown below.


With the current product update, these values will now show in the valuation section together with the finance, retail, wholesale, and the trade-in values.



For dealers looking to accurately price vehicles with custom equipment, the process has become easier and more streamlined. This product improvement simplifies the asset valuation process by no longer requiring a manual input of the value of the custom option for finance, retail, wholesale or trade-in. These values will be automatically calculated based on the MSRP of the custom option provided by the user.


The “Add Custom Equipment option” field will only require the original cost new (MSRP) for the said option.


Once the User indicates the cost of the additional custom option new, the remaining fields (finance, trade-in, retail, and wholesale adjusted values) are now calculated automatically without the need to input them manually.


For all users across multiple business types, these product updates will enhance in-app user experience and overall utility of the Price Digests valuation solution.

At Price Digests we are committed to continuous improvement. We recognize that agility is the measure of all things in the world of data technology, so we are relentlessly focused on the most nimble, efficient, and UX-minded solutions that are simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Jeanette Weber
Data Operations Manager

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