Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV)

A vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine in combination with one or more electric motors that use energy stored in batteries. The batteries can only be charged by the internal [...]

Engine Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the engine as expressed as a three digit manufacturer code Code Description BWR Borgwarner CAA Caterpillar CUA Cummins CYA Chrysler DEA Detroit DOA Dodge DSA Dana Spicer DUA [...]


A device for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, typically by applying pressure to the wheels. Code Description P Power Assist P’ Power w/Front Disc P” 4 Wheel Power Disc A Anti-lock Brake [...]

Air Conditioning

A system for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a vehicle, typically to maintain a cool atmosphere in warm conditions. Code Description N Not Available O Optional S [...]


The mechanism by which power is transmitted from an engine to the wheels of a motor vehicle. Code Description 4M 4 Speed Manual 5M 5 Speed Manual 6M 6 Speed Manual A Automatic

Low Trade-in or Low Wholesale Value

Generally what a consumer or dealer would pay for a unit that is worn and faded and will need cosmetic and mechanical reconditioning. One can always dispose of a unit at that price level [...]

Actual Cash Value (ACV)

Actual cash value is the amount equal to the replacement cost minus depreciation of a damaged or stolen property at the time of the loss. it is the actual value for which the property could be [...]

Wholesale Value

A probable amount a vehicle would bring without the retail dealer markup of a unit as is and where is.