What’s Shifting Gears in the Commercial Heavy-Duty Truck Market? Buckle Up for Technological Change!

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With the untimely demise of Yellow Freight, and the redistribution of its assets and freight lines, are there bumpy roads ahead for the commercial heavy-duty truck market?

“Timing is everything in logistics,” said Ken Adamo, DAT’s Chief of Analytics in a recent analysis of the Yellow Freight fallout in CCJ. “It’s a billion pounds of freight that needs to be reconfigured and redistributed.”1

In the fast lane of the commercial heavy-duty truck market, change is the only constant. So, let’s rev up and explore what are the other dynamic shifts happening in the Commercial Heavy-Duty truck market? Here are a few to help steer you in the right lane:

Tech Talk: Navigating the Technological Highway

The digital dashboard of heavy-duty trucks is lighting up with innovation. From autonomous driving to telematics, technology is steering the course. “Fleet owners, OEMs, and insurers are quickly adopting commercial telematics to get real-time information from the vehicle,” reports Market Research Future in their recent telematics report. The major data points being collected are: “location, speed, braking, engine temperature, fuel use, and others, to increase fleet efficiency and driver performance.”2

With so much data able to be collected, it’s time to keep up with the virtual convoy. Dealers, are you stocking trucks fitted with the latest tech wizardry? Insurers, how about customizing plans that account for advanced safety features?

Supertruck II Highlights Fuel Efficiency Changes Coming Down the Road

Earlier this year, Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) debuted the Freightliner SuperTruck 2, which represents stage 2 of the SuperTruck program co-funded by the Department of Energy (DOE). Each Supertruck showcases innovations designed to deliver the next level of freight efficiency. According to Fleet Equipment Magazine, “SuperTruck 2 surpassed expectations in aerodynamics, tires, powertrain and energy management, while doubling the freight efficiency of the base vehicle from the start of the SuperTruck program.”3

While we may be years away from seeing some design features of the SuperTruck 2 integrated, fuel efficiency remains top of mind for the entire industry. The volatility of the last few years has “has dramatically strained the financial structures of truckers and trucking companies alike,” reports Phil Boyer for CCJ. 4

What does this mean for dealers and their insurers? Dealers can steer towards vehicles that guzzle less and cover more. Insurers, put your thinking caps on – consider rolling out specialized coverage plans that cater to fuel-efficient fleets.

With all this rapid change, the commercial heavy-duty truck market is a bustling intersection of demand and supply. Dealers, take note of market trends and gear up with the right inventory. Insurers, craft policies that flex with the market’s rhythm, ensuring fleet owners are always cruising comfortably.

Whether you’re a dealer looking to stock the trendiest models or an insurer fine-tuning policies for the modern era, Price Digests is your one-stop shop for all things value-related. So, let’s revamp, refuel, and race toward a future where navigating the commercial heavy-duty truck market is a smooth journey for all!


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