Price Digests Highest Retained Value Awards

About the Awards:

Price Digests Highest Retained Value Awards are presented each year, recognizing top commercial trucks and their manufacturers. These important independent and data-driven awards identify the commercial trucks that are expected to retain the highest residual value over a five-year period into the future.  

Our nine 2022 categories recognize the top commercial trucks in classes three through eight.  


  • Conventional Cab & Chassis  
  • Conventional Day Cab Tractor  
  • Conventional Sleeper Tractor  


  • Cabover Cab & Chassis  
  • Crew Cab & Chassis  
  • Conventional Cab & Chassis  

Light Duty  

  • Cargo Van  
  • Crew Cab & Chassis  
  • Cab & Chassis 

Our Independent, Data-Driven Methodology:

Price Digests sorts the most popular series based on their market popularity on the resale channel in each of nine categories, removing any series without a model currently in production. The commercial truck series must have at least one configuration contained in the Price Digests valuation platform, powered by the Truck Blue Book, to be considered.  

The results are sorted based on popularity and sales, then filtered for analysis, and the top three truck series in each category are considered finalists.  Vehicle residual values are calculated according to market depreciation standards and by applying Price Digests’ proprietary algorithms. This allows analysts to predict the retained value in the future. Although available data allows a view 84 months into the future, for the purpose of these awards, we only use data to predict the future value over 60 months (five years).   

This powerful methodology gives our analysts a window into the future, allowing Price Digests’ HRVA awards to stand out as the only independent, data-driven award set in the industry.