NAMIC Fastpitch Follow up

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Thank You for Joining Price Digests at NAMIC

You found us!  Thanks for following the QR code or link to learn more about how Price Digests and TruckBody IQ™ reduces the risk of underwriting commercial trucks.  TBIQ allows you to:

  • Provide more accurate quotes for commercial trucks without leaving your policy admin system
  • Reduce exposure to risk by fully valuing commercial vehicles
  • Maintain quotation speed with lighting fast response time

Take a one minute refresher

Do the Calculations!

During the presentation, Brian showed you how a company with a large commercial truck business could write an additional $3.2 million in business if they captured previously lost  premiums.  Do your own calculations.  Here’s what you need:

A X B X $C = Premium Lift

A = The number of commercial truck policies You write annually

B= The percentage of Incomplete Trucks – normally between 55% and 75% (Enter as decimal in calculator, i.e. .55 – .75)

C = How much policy lift you could see with TBIQ (Default to $100)

TBIQ Calculator
Follow the Instructions to Copy & Paste Your Number in the Form.

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Download Resources from Price Digests and Duck Creek

Truck body IQ white paper download

Download the TruckBody IQ™ flyer from Price Digests.

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Download Duck Creek’s Policy Brochure.

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Download Duck Creek’s On Demand Brochure.

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See what we can do for you

Get to know TruckBody IQ™

Download our TruckBody IQ™ whitepaper and understand how our unique solution combining advanced analytics with automation increases speed to quote, reduces premium leakage, mitigates overall risk, and drives enhanced accuracy in the rating, underwriting, and quoting processes.

Download Our Whitepaper
Front cover of the Truckbody IQ Whitepaper

TruckBody IQ™, coupled with Price Digests’ industry leading commercial truck VIN prefill solution, combines advanced analytics with automation to increase the accuracy of OCN calculations to support premium lift.

Download Our Whitepaper

TruckBody IQ™ API:

– GET Commercial Truck Original Cost New: Estimated High Value
– GET Commercial Truck Original Cost New: Estimated Median Value
– GET Commercial Truck Original Cost New: Estimated Average Value
– GET Commercial Truck Original Cost New: Estimated Low Value

Ideal for:

– Integrating information for more accurate quotes for Commercial Trucks in the underwriting process
– Capturing more accurate and complete commercial vehicle information
– Maintaining speed during the quote process
– Reducing exposure to risk in undervaluing commercial auto