Integration API

APIs to facilitate the import and export of user saved asset data

 "advantageUserId": "0002008xxxxxx",
 "limit": "1",
 "apiKey": "6sdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
 "savedModels": [{
 "id": "57ff9ca4f9f2a2343exxxxxx",
 "userId": 20087xxx,
 "uniqueId": "0AR5320",
 "condition": "Good",
 "modelName": "GS-1930",
 "manufacturerName": "Genie",
 "subtypeName": "Electric Self Propelled Scissor Lifts",
 "categoryName": "Aerial Lifts",
 "lastUpdateDate": "2017-02-10T21:20:21.960Z",
 "modelYear": 2006,
 "modelRdbId": 28912,
 "v": 0,
 "uniqueIdNumSort": 0,
 "uniqueIdSort": "0ar5320",
 "organization": null,
 "primaryComponent": null,
 "configurationSequence": 1,
 "optionsAndExtras": [],
 "components": [],
 "groups": ["57ff9ca1f9f2a2343e3d34ca", "589e2e93903faf9563a13e7c"],
 "modelNameAliases": [],
 "advantageAgreementIds": ["000005419907", "000014538193"]

The Integration API

Fully integrate your assets across all software platforms using the Integration API. Modify and move user saved asset and group data seamlessly into and out of the EquipmentWatch application.

Want to see it in action? The Integration API powers EquipmentWatch Groups.

Ideal for:

– Powering make/model drop downs and user facing applications
– Cleaning and structuring data for predictive analytics

Endpoints, Integration API:

– GET All Saved Models
– GET Group Models
– GET Groups
– POST All Saved Models
– POST Groups

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access
– Agricultural