Costs API

Integrate industry standard equipment cost recovery and internal charge rates

 "year": 2010,
 "modelRdbId": 31669,
 "modelName": "120M",
 "modelAliases": ["120M"],
 "modelInstanceName": "120M",
 "manufacturerRdbId": 855,
 "manufacturerName": "Caterpillar",
 "categoryRdbId": 19,
 "categoryName": "Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeRdbId": 473,
 "equipmentSubtypeName": "Articulated Frame Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeRdbId": 283,
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeName": "130 - 144 HP",
 "ownershipCost": 7657.61,
 "hourlyOwnershipCost": 43.51,
 "hourlyOperatingCost": 32.75,
 "fhwaRate": 76.26

The Costs API

Access the industry-standard ownership & operating cost recovery rates from the Rental Rate Blue Book. Fully customize rates using user-supplied cost factors to create accurate internal charge rates.

Want to see it in action? The Costs API powers EquipmentWatch Cost Recovery and EquipmentWatch Internal Charge Rates.

Ideal for:

– Bringing equipment charge rates into bid estimation software
– Integrating ownership cost data into financial accounting systems
– Streamlining the extra work cost reimbursement process

Endpoints, Costs API:

– GET Cost Recovery Rate
– GET Internal Charge Rate, Ownership
– GET Internal Charge Rate, Operating

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access