Price Digests uses condition terms to signify physical wear and damage to vehicles and equipment. Valuations default to a Good condition unless manually adjusted by a user. These conditions can vary the value significantly.

The five condition levels available in the Price Digests application are:

Excellent (Adds 10-15%): New Condition with no evidence of wear.

Very Good (Adds 5-10%): Well above average. Vehicles with this rating typically have low use hours, are clean and properly maintained, and there are no mechanical or cosmetic repairs needed.

Good (Default): Vehicle are clean, attractive, and in a saleable condition. Typically mechanically sound with average hours and no repairs needed.

Fair (Subtracts 10-15%): Vehicle has areas that are worn and faded, even after cleanup. Scratches and chips in paint evident. Typically has some mechanical repairs needed, with high use hours on the downside of life expectancy.

Rough/Poor (Subtracts 15-50%): Equipment needs significant amount of repair, both cosmetic and mechanical. Shows evidence of severe high usage. The cost of repairs may exceed market value.




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