Price Digests Introduces Rich Spec VIN Decoding for Commercial Trailers

New configurations allow customers to value trailers with greater precision than ever before.

Price Digests already offers the most in-depth scope of truck and commercial trailer data. However, we observed a growing need from our customers, specifically in the insurance industry. As a result, we decided it was high time to introduce more granular solutions for commercial trailers.

We’re excited to roll out our newly enhanced Commercial Truck VIN Decoding capabilities with nearly 1,000 unique commercial trailer models added. Price Digests’ Commercial Trailer VIN Decoding capabilities now offer a cost-effective and time-saving advantage for the modern truck and trailer fleet owner, underwriter, accountant, and financial professional.

These new configurations, combined with rich specifications, allow customers to value trailers with a greater deal of precision than ever before.  Customers with API integration can leverage an advanced level of access with on-demand VIN decoding featuring the revamped commercial trailer classification.

The Update Includes:

  • 42 top manufacturers
  • 14 trailer types
  • 797 unique models
  • 24,343 unique trailer configurations (a significant increase from the 2,312 models in the legacy version of Commercial Trailer Blue Book)
  • Value any Class 1 – 8 truck along with its accompanying trailer

The updated Commercial Trailer VIN decoding capabilities are available immediately via API access. But web application subscribers have their own updates to look forward to in 2018. Currently in beta, the newly developed Price Digests app is slated for launch in late April. This completely revamped application will complement the recent introduction of an industry-leading tech stack and updated API platform. Price Digests’ well-known legacy products, Truck Blue Book and Commercial Trailer Blue Book, are at the forefront of the overhaul initiative.

VIN Decoding API Sample

        "modelId": 433723,
        "modelName": "3000R",
        "modelAliases": [],
        "manufacturerId": 8480,
        "manufacturerName": "UTILITY",
        "manufacturerAliases": [],
        "classificationId": 7,
        "classificationName": "Trailers",
        "categoryId": 49,
        "categoryName": "Refrigerated",
        "subtypeId": 118,
        "subtypeName": "Refrigerated",
        "sizeClassId": 404,
        "sizeClassName": "40-53",
        "sizeClassMin": 40,
        "sizeClassMax": 53,
        "sizeClassUom": "ft",
        "configurationId": 1415846,
        "vinModelNumber": "V253",
        "modelYear": "2005",
        "vinManufacturerCode": "1UY",
        "vinYearCode": "5",
        "shortVin": "4678",
        "cicCode": "UTIL"

Trailers Available for VIN Decoding:

Aluminum Tanks Electronics Lowboys
Chip Vans Flatbeds Pneumatic Tanks
Drop Decks Grain Refrigerated
Dry Freight Live Floor Stainless Steel Tanks
Dumps Livestock

Top 5 Manufacturers:

Great Dane
Hyundai Translead

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Erin C. Kadzis
Product Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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