Price Digests Launches Expanded Data and Coverage for Full-Electric, Hybrid, and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

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Starting February 1, Price Digests now features new data for a variety of alternate fuel vehicles, including Full Electric, Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrids. Additionally, you’ll find updated or expanded data and coverage for existing fields such as engine or fuel type, and MPG ratings.

What’s behind the update?

Price Digests is a leader in recognizing the growing presence of alternate fuels in commercial and passenger vehicles. And in general terms, environmental impact and sustainability are increasingly hot topics throughout the industry. As evidence here is just a sampling of recent news stories:

Why are we adding this new data?

Alternates fuels and new powertrains change many of the traditional metrics in fleet management and finance. Total cost of ownership is greatly affected by changing maintenance schedules and lowering operating costs from simplified drivetrains. These affect replacement lifecycles as well as simplifying requirements such as charge times and vehicle ranges. We now capture all the elements that influence these robust calculations. Here’s a short list of new or augmented fields:

Fuel Type MPG Highway
Engine Type MPG Combined
Standard Charge Time Battery Count
Miles Per Gallon Equivalent City Green Score
Miles Per Gallon Equivalent Highway Electric Range
Miles Per Gallon Equivalent Combined Plug-In Battery Size
MPG City Hybrid Battery Size

How do you access this data?

As a Price Digest Subscription customer, this means you will see new data populated in the vehicle specifications section. Fields such as battery capacity, charge times, MPG equivalents, e-range, and details on other key components will be added to Commercial Trucks and Passenger Vehicles where applicable. For those who measure environmental impact in their reporting, we’ll also include the EPA Green Score for these vehicles, so fleet owners can promote their commitment to cleaner, more efficient transportation.

If you have any questions about how to interpret this information for your fleet management systems, please reference the data dictionary at

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