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Verification API

The industry’s best VIN decoding and validation API for asset identification and verification

Verification API

The industry’s only serial number decoding API for model year verification

	"cicCode": "PETE",
	"modelId": 119734,
	"modelName": "210",
	"modelAliases": null,
	"manufacturerId": 1746,
	"manufacturerName": "Peterbilt",
	"manufacturerAliases": null,
	"classificationId": 2,
	"classificationName": "Commercial Trucks",
	"categoryId": 8,
	"categoryName": "Heavy Duty Trucks",
	"subtypeId": 196,
	"subtypeName": "Cabover Cab and Chassis",
	"sizeClassId": 502,
	"sizeClassName": "7",
	"sizeClassMin": 26001,
	"sizeClassMax": 33000,
	"sizeClassUom": "lbs",
	"configurationId": "1035433",
	"modelYear": "2013",
	"vinModelNumber": "1H"

The Verification API

VIN validation and verification of manufacturer, model and year of asset based on supplied VIN for over 100K vehicle trims by using the industry’s best verification API. Access manufacturer information alongside NCIC codes and a descriptive vehicle taxonomy.

Asset Type Coverage:

  • Commercial Trucks (1981 to current model year)
  • Passenger Vehicles (1981 to current model year)
  • Motorcycles (1981 to current model year)
  • Low Speed Vehicles (2005 to current model year)

Endpoints, Verification API:

– GET Verification

Ideal for:

– VIN Verification – Validate the full 17 digit VIN for accuracy.
– Risk Reduction – Quick and accurate asset identification to populate internal    workflow and applications
– Standardization – cleanse existing vehicle records
– Streamline Processes – Bulk VIN decoding for fleets/portfolios